Assembly West are pioneers in the cannabis industry and are motivated to enhance the comfort, enjoyment and ease of cannabis. Starting with naming to brand and full-line packaging design, we worked to create a new design language not usually seen in this industry. Happy plants means happy people.

Branding / Naming / Identity / Packaging
Brand Design

The Assembly West brand is both a statement and a function. Nature, legacy and the primitive play a common role, much like the greater American West. It can be recognized from afar and still be cozy in large scale formats. The type is both timeless and modern. It evokes European and old west American-related typography style. The individual letters are consistently even, cleverly sharp and have strong roots.

Packaging Family

The packaging evokes a minimal, yet informative stance in presenting the Assembly West brand as true to the core, thoughtful and high quality. Subtle natural hues differentiate the strains and effects of each product line while hand-stamped strains makes the whole system flexible moving into the future.