Seavees was born in 1964 with a passion to capture the Californian experience. With the launch of their 50th Anniversary, we were hired and trusted for our creative direction and design to move their brand personality to a new visual language, one that says, we’re here – with an energy that will keep people coming back for more (shoes). This is our mark on Seavees.

Art Direction / Digital

Simple, hands-on and casual. Combining lifestyle and product, our goal was to create a web experience that is engaging, informative and gets people to shop. The digital expression of the brand needed to capture the quality of their product. Through clear copy and large imagery, we wanted the audience to see and feel the hand-crafted quality of the shoes.

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Art Direction

Our art direction included updating the photo direction, brand slogan, print ads, re-vamping the type system used throughout all touchpoints and catalog/lookbook layouts. This was fun.