California's Original and
Finest Since 1949

McConnell’s makes the finest ice creams. From scratch. Since 1949, they’ve been family-run and have delighted the country with ice creams made from local, sustainable and organic ingredients. Best part, they’re also a dairy which means they make their own cream unlike other companies and they don’t use any crap like preservatives and additives. Just clean, delicious, eat-a-whole-pint-in-one-sitting ice cream.

Digital / Information Architecture / E-Commerce

Mini-documentary produced by Bimarian Films


Simple, modern, yummy. Like every other touch point, the website was designed to illustrate McConnell’s mission and be an extension of their product story. From the navigation to the shop, our goal was to create a clean and no nonsense experience while capturing the true essence of their oh so delicious ice cream.

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