Growing damn good coffee
outside the tropics

Building California’s coffee industry from seedling to bean, Frinj is the first growing coffee outside the tropics. Utilizing a science-forward approach to diverse agriculture, they have expanded to over 40 farms across California and have already sold out of their first harvest within 1 week of release. Well done, friends.

Branding / Identity / Digital / Shopify

Simple, hands-on and Californian. The goal was to honor the legacy and tradition of the place and product while at the same time adding some playfulness and the modern to the forefront. The brand type is both timeless and modern, it evokes European and old west American typographic style and the mark is both a statement and a function. Nature, legacy and the primitive play a common role. Welcome to Californian coffee.


Simple, modern, Californian. Our goal was to combine high-end California coffee with a welcoming and approachable touch. Not only is it a venue for consumers to learn more about the process and product, but it’s a home for growers to join the California coffee movement. Interactivity and ease of use is smooth, just like a cup of their finest.

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